Welcome to Laguna Treasures!


Hi, my name is Leonie, owner of Laguna Treasures. With a passion for surfing and kite surfing, I travel from beach to beach in my Volkswagen T2 looking for the best spots to go in the water and have a good time.

‘I’am happy anywhere
I can see the ocean.’
about- me 3

My favourite beach? Byron Bay, Australia. This is where I took my very first surf lessons. I travelled around in a rented campervan with a friend. After surfing we enjoyed a beer and the best live music at the Railway Friendly Bar. We made new friends and built night-time campfires on the beach. Waking up on the beach, every morning brought a new adventure and the ultimate feeling of freedom!

During my road trips, I often collected stones, shells and little jars of sand to bring home as souvenirs. This is how I came to the idea of designing a piece of jewellery that would allow me to always carry my favourite beach with me. The idea of ​​The Laguna Beach Pendant was born! With my background as an art director, I decided to embark on this new adventure in 2021: my own surf lifestyle brand with the beach pendant as a key product.

My first collection is now online and will be supplemented with new designs throughout the year. Laguna Treasures is brand-new and we are always open to hear what our customers are looking for. Do you have any wishes for new products or ideas about the brand? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Leonie Vos